Hello and welcome to Mrs. Vans Musings…a place to ponder living in JOY and INTENTION…


My name is Colleen van Nieuwkerk—also known as Mrs. Van.

I grew up in southern Alberta in Canada in a stable environment where I was loved and taught to love those around me.  I am the oldest of five children, with one sister and three brothers.

1963-Scheuerman FiveOur neighborhood was a “family” friendly place. There were twenty-six children on our half of the block, and I was the oldest. This made me the chief babysitter. Three of those families who lived near us had adopted children and so we grew up knowing that having children in your family was a special privilege. We were also close to my grandmother, aunts, uncles, and cousins who lived near to us.

We lived in the same house, attended the same school system, and also attended the same church all our growing-up years. Mr. Van and I were married a year after High School Graduation. Life was stable and happy for the most part.


Married life continued to be fairly normal and trouble-free. I look back and see that God was preparing me for my life to come as I learned life-skills and as God fed a soul-hunger for Him that began when I was about ten years old. Yet, somehow, even in the midst of stability, I never felt like I measured up in my spiritual life, and there always seemed to be a vacuum within me that hungered for more.


God has continued to develop that soul-hunger for Himself within me but has also stirred up, along with it, a passion to see those in MY sphere of influence following hard after God. 

My passion has led me to a life of serving my family as Wife. Mom. Grandma.

My passion has also led me to a journey of serving my church family and community as Mrs. Van, both in volunteer and in full-time ministry.


We all have a need to belong…

I don’t know what place YOU are at in your life today as you made the choice to check out this blog, but God does…

Much of life is about learning to choose to live out JOY, especially through the transitions of our journey of walking with God. God has led me many times to give up what fills my heart and to trust Him, whether personally, or in my ministry-life, as I search and struggle deeply to find the next step on my journey.

He has also been teaching me, in the past few years, a lot more about living with intention. Out of that learning process has come an opportunity to begin a Discipleship ministry to encourage other women in my sphere of influence to consider what living an intentional life could look like.


IMG_6906And so, my desire for you is that you would also choose to journey with Him. Maybe, here at Mrs Vans Musings, you will meet Him in a way you never have before.

I would love to share with you some of how He is writing more of my part in His story, but also would hope to encourage and challenge you to consider some life-skill principles that could assist you in that direction as well.

Come and walk with us? We’d love to have you on the journey…

By the way, some other things I am also known to be passionate about are Chai Tea Lattes and Scrapbooking our Family History…

So what’s next on this journey?

  • Check out any Recent Posts here and catch up on the journey so far.
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  • Expect to see a post every few days…

God gave me this life verse as a young teen. It is found in the Bible in 17

Psalm 19:14, ESV, Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O LORD, my rock and my redeemer. 

Those words have enabled me to live with more joy and more intention…

Thanks for walking with us… I’m so glad you’re here!


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