Knowledge Is… Wisdom is… Part One

A couple of years ago I bought Mr. Van a new wallet for Christmas from one of my favorite country stores.

He loves to wear western-style shirts and I was dismayed to find out that his gift would not fit in the pocket where he always puts his wallet.

So back to the store we went to exchange it for another.

As we walked towards the cabinet full of wallets, I happened to glance towards the home decor section and saw this amazing display of wooden boxes with these profound words.


Knowledge is knowing what to say.

Wisdom is knowing when to say it.

Mr. Van received a wallet that day that would fit in his pocket.

I received these boxes to remind me often about keeping my words of knowledge to myself until it is the right time to share them…

I would love it if you would take some time in the next few days to just ponder about how these words affect how you live in intention with wisdom.

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