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Three Strong Women 1

This past Wednesday was International Day of the Girl, a day set aside to celebrate women.

While I may not be in total support of some of what is promoted by those who organize and endorse this day, I am happy to be female and happy to celebrate femininity and womanhood.

I am also sad for the injustices and unhappiness caused to many women by those who do not seem to understand how God created us as women. We are His daughters, His Warrior Princesses, and He has given us specific roles and purpose in building His Kingdom.


After walking through a Family crisis a few weeks ago, I was pondering on how it takes character traits of strength and dignity to finish life well. This encompasses whether we live or die.

There are many strong women in our family who have lived out that strength and dignity, but I am reminded of three who have had a definite influence on me as I have come behind them on the journey. Life challenges forced them to persevere and to live with intentionality. Today I would like to share one of them with you.

Grandma Lola

My paternal Grandmother, Lola Mae Pierce, had family roots in Missouri and Colorado. She was born in the early 1900’s and lived in Colorado until she was fifteen or so. My Great-Grandparents chose to emigrate to southern Alberta where the railroad was offering free land. She was an only child and married young.

She and my Grandpa Constantine Scheuerman had three children. The youngest is my Dad who will be turning 85 in a few weeks. His siblings are presently just turned 95 and almost 96 and so longevity runs in our family. Grandpa Connie joined the First Canadian Division in World War Two when my Dad was seven years old. Circumstances were such that my Grandpa never came home to live in Canada again, and so my Grandma became a single Mom as my Dad became a teenager.


She worked hard and provided for herself and my Dad. She did janitorial work. She ran a Bible Bookstore out of her front porch. She took in boarders. Eventually, she cared for her parents as they aged.

She came to believe in Jesus in her late forties, and she and I had so many good talks about life and following God.

I learned to talk out loud to God through our Grade Three Sunday School class which she taught for many years. Your name on the list for a certain Sunday meant it was your turn to develop those praying skills.

I developed a love for studying through those talks and also by observing her well-used Bible and notebook which sat on her dining room table. The day she could no longer read because of her eyes was a sad day.

I developed a love for flowers by walking around her gardens with her and hearing her explanation of what they were called and how to care for them.

I served alongside her as a Pioneer Girls Leader for the first couple of years we were married. She would have been in her seventies at that point.

I also spent time going for tea with her as she visited her many friends. Those same friends were part of the Women’s Ministry of the 1950’s to 1980’s where she was very involved. She hosted a Bible Study in her apartment in her 80’s.

I am her namesake—Lola Colleen—and I loved popping in often to visit her. We called her GG for Great-Grandma, a great idea created by one of my older cousins.

Our home still contains the crocheted doilies she made for me, and our guys all have afghans she made for them. She also embroidered a tablecloth to match my China dishes as a wedding gift for us.

Another of her gifts to me was the way she made a “home” wherever she lived, no matter the space. I learned from her that we can display the art of our life by creating a home wherever we are. Eventually, she had to move to smaller and smaller places until she was in a nursing home and her home was one room.

God called Grandma Lola home just after our first grandson was born. She was almost 93 at the time. I miss her presence and her prayers so much.

However, I know that she intentionally chose:

*To faithfully follow and serve her God.

*To courageously live out her day to day life, even though she must have had lonely times.

*To love her family and others in her sphere of influence.

That encourages me to “keep on keeping on”, no matter what, no matter where, no matter why, no matter who…

How about you?

Share with us in the comments someone who has influenced you to be more intentional.

I look forward to sharing about two more strong women in the near future… Happy weekend:)

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  1. I have been pondering who in my life can I say led me to a closer walk with Jesus in how she led her life. It would have to be my grandmother Elizabeth (mom’s mom). Although she lived 6 hours away from where we lived as I grew up, there was a countenance about her face that on reflecting really did shine with the love of God to me. What a precious memory that God has brought to my mind. As she grew older, shrinking as she aged, she continued to write poetry, stayed active in her Church, reached out to young people even in her sixties and seventies, she became a house mother to young women going to college in Ontario. But it is in the later revelations of her heartbreak and difficult life that I have grown to love her more. She suffered incredibly but still all I see in my mind’s eye, is this woman who with God’s help defeated her darkness, and rose in victory, and shared the love she was given with others. It makes me miss her more, although every time I look at the piano passed down to my mom, to me, now at my daughter Heathers for Nora, I feel a closeness as she reminded me in her eighties that it was indeed her piano. What a legacy she has left me.


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