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My. Times. Are. In. His. Hands.

The signs of the fall season have made themselves known over the past few days. I have been watching the trees in our neighborhood quickly begin to turn into the colors of autumn. Just from one day to the next there are more shades of red, yellow, and orange.

As I mentioned before, Fall is my favorite season.

A time of new beginnings.

A time of new challenges.


The Past

I have always been told that the older one gets, the faster the years go by… It seems that might be true.

I watch the grandchildren grow from newborn to school age and then suddenly they are graduating from high school and entering trade school or college.

I watch the trees and perennial flowers in our yard growing taller and prettier each year and when I look back at the photos of when we first planted them, those years seem to have flown by.

I decorate our home for one season, grateful that we can enjoy it for the next three to four months, and suddenly it’s time to store it away and pull out the bins for the next cycle.

Of course, our birthdays seem to come quicker as do seasons of re-evaluating and re-establishing goals and dreams (yes, we still dream about future possibilities) in light of what God has for us in our next steps, whether that might be for tomorrow, or next month, or five years from now.

The past two years have flown by, as well, as I have led a Mentoring ministry to women that has required me to be more publicly vulnerable than I have ever before been. Processing through how all the steps of a lifetime have connected moments that were sometimes good, often hard, and occasionally ugly, has caused a lot of introspection. And yet, through it all, seeing God’s hand of mercy and grace has been so encouraging.

I originally began this blog, Mrs Vans Musings, in June of 2015. I had been sensing that God was asking me to share with other women some of my life experience. I also had a desire to celebrate God’s goodness to me over five (and now seven) years of retirement.

God had just brought me through a tough transition time in my own life and He began to burden me with some questions,

How many women have even thought about who they want to be when they are seventy or eighty?

What are the foundational life-skills and habits that are needed to become the women of God we deep-down desire to be?

Who is God to them and how do they find out who they are to Him?

Out of that burden has come our mentoring ministry, Heart2Heart, Becoming a Woman of Strength and Dignity.

Heart2Heart with God, and

Heart2Heart with my people, those who are in my sphere of influence, no matter what age or stage of life I am presently living.

Working through that first year of writing Mrs Vans Musings and leading Heart2Heart was so good, and yet so hard.

Writing a blog takes work as there has to be relevancy to real life, technical savvy (of which I am sometimes short), and also that willingness to vulnerability.

I came to a point of wondering if I should stop writing the blog.

I began to consider how much time and effort, and again, vulnerability, it was taking to share my heart and life “out there”. Should I continue? Should I quit? Should I just stop everything and stay home in my house and avoid people all together. Sigh…

Not long after all this introspection, God reminded me again that my times are in His hands and under His control.

He allows me to continue to draw breath for a purpose.

He allows me to share my life and experience so perhaps someone else will choose today to take another breath and to seek His face and His purpose for them as well.

My. Times. Are. In. His. Hands.

Image-1 (10)

I made a hard decision that I would stop writing the blog. I have always felt that my first responsibility is to serve our local church, and Heart2Heart had grown almost four times larger for the second year. I really needed to focus my effort there for a season.

I also made a wrong decision to totally delete Mrs Vans Musings from WordPress. (I have since regretted that decision…)

The Present

However, the desire to write the blog never quite went away.

So, at the end of this June, 2017, I decided to recreate the blog and give it a new look. I had previously typed all my posts in Office Word before submitting them into WordPress and so I still had the basic format of each post.

I have spent the summer reformatting what I began two years ago and so here we are…

The good thing about starting from the beginning again has been that I was able to re-set some of my ideas. God is good.

The Future

Heart2Heart, Becoming a Woman of Strength and Dignity, is about to launch for this year.

Each month from September to April we will focus, here at Mrs Vans Musings, on the theme that Heart2Heart is studying. The content here will not be the whole course, but will supplement each topic. Sometime in the future, perhaps the whole course will be available for you to take alongside our Mentoring Ministry.

We would love to have you walk along with us as we talk about living in Intentionality. Stay tuned for more info in this next week.

My Musings This Week

How does a person live in intentionality when you have lost all material possessions, possibly your complete home and workplace and vehicle, and are displaced because of a hurricane and/or flood? Many thoughts to ponder on what undergirds our security… Many prayers spoken for the people of Texas and Louisiana, and also those in Asia who are struggling through these issues right now.

I have just finished reading all the fiction books that I mentioned in my July Bookshelf post. The Undoing of Saint Silvanus by Beth Moore was a great read—worth checking out if you haven’t read it yet.

Your Musings This Week

How do you see Intentionality presently working out in your life? Do you have the desire but maybe don’t know how to begin? Share any questions you might have in the comments below.

Have you ever made a spontaneous decision, like totally obliterating your blog, and then regretted it? I think everyone has one of those stories… Whew…

What have you been reading lately? Share with us.

We were planning to do some fall work on our yard today. God sent us a downpour of rain so we have had a relaxing Saturday instead. How about you?

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