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The Art of My Life

I have always loved Pencils. Pens. Paper. Prettiness.

I can be filled with joy just by walking through a stationery or scrapbooking store.

I can also bring joy to the people who own those stores because I rarely enter one of them and not come out with purchases:) Those journals, sheets of pretty paper and colored pencils just call my name…

I shared last week about the many “crafting” ways I fill up, as well as through all the books I read. Bookstores and Amazon love me as well! I am sure that a lot of thought goes into choosing the jackets of those books in order to entice us to want to know what the contents have to say.

Although actual “Crafting” is one of the many ways that we can regain margin in our life, I have also been thinking a lot about the art of our life, the way that we actually create our life as whole.

It is through the art of our life that we display who God created us to be.

It is also through the art of our life that we bless our people whom God has placed in our life.

This is one of the reasons we so desperately need to know God better. Knowing Him helps us understand better who He created us to become.


Who would someone say you are if…

They were a guest in your home today?

Would they see that you have created a home for those who live there, even if it’s just you, and not just a place to exist? If you still live with your parents as a teen or young adult, does your private bedroom display who you really are?

The Art of Homemaking…

They looked at a project you are working on?

Would they notice something you wrote, drew, built, planted in your garden, or created using technology, at home or at work outside your home?

The Art of Planning, Organizing and Strategizing…

They ate a meal you cooked or something you baked?

Would they notice how you combined healthy ingredients to tempt the taste buds of those who gathered around your table, and how you took time to be a good hostess, whether it is just your own family, or others who joined you as well?

The Art of Hospitality…

They listened to you visiting with family and friends and discussing day to day life?

What thoughts in your head turn into words which reflect your actions?

The Art of Speech…

They attended an event you organized and led? Or where you served as a volunteer?

Would they notice your servant heart and willingness to lead and/or follow as needed? To pitch in and help others as a team player?

 The Art of Servant Leadership…

The art of our life tells those around us who we are, and whose we are…

Do the words of your mouth and the meditations of your heart display God’s glory to others? Does the way you have arranged the art of your life welcome others in?

As you walk through these next few days, think about how you are making art with your life… If you have some ideas you could share, write them in the comments.

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