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Monday Muse-The Rest of Victory

Last time we chatted, I mentioned Beth Moore’s series on “It’s Complicated.”

Have you ever had times when you felt like your life was so complicated that there was no way to sort it all out? I remember being there in my mid-thirties. I had been married for about fifteen years and I was almost the Mom of teenagers. Our first son was born when I was almost twenty-one.

I was beginning to really wonder how I would ever be wise enough to help my sons become who God desired them to be. I wasn’t sure what was most important to me in life, so how was I going to help them to figure that out as they grew into men?

I came across a book by Linda Dillow called “Creative Counterpart”. Linda had written this book on marriage, homemaking and making God the first priority in your life. She was pretty honest about her marriage and its ups and downs and that was a comfort to me.

We were also in the midst of a famine time as far as the construction industry was concerned. It was in the time of the National Energy Plan in Canada. Life was difficult.

In the middle of the book that Linda Dillow wrote, she shared this reading by Alan Redpath. It had helped her so much in the ups and downs because it directed everything to the only One who could give rest, purpose and victory to anything. It was at that point that I made a renewed commitment to trust God’s sovereignty in my life as I acknowledged Him as being in control of my thoughts, my words and my actions.

I surrendered to Him because He was the only One I could trust totally.

I wrote and still do handwrite this reading in every Bible I use.

I have shared it with so many friends struggling through hard times. They have told me that they have shared it with others as well.

I hope that, in your surrender struggles, you will read it, muse on it, and then receive rest today…

Happy Monday!


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