The Joy of Crafting

Welcome back to Mrs Van’s Musings. I hope your week is going well.

As summer begins to wind down, have you found some time to “fill-up” with those hobbies that give you joy and better perspective on life?

We have been chatting over these past few weeks about a number of ways that I have discovered which help me to regroup, rest, and actually think through situations that are either giving me joy or distress. I love how God allows those times for me, and He’ll do the same for you if you ask Him…

In case you’ve missed some of the posts that talked about ways to “fill-up”, I have listed them here for you to check into…

Joy in My GardenI love my flowers.

My July BookshelfI love reading and growing as others share.

I wanted to share with you today some other ways that I have learned to step out of regular routine and just spend quiet time using my head and my hands to create.

Read Fiction-This is not really a craft, of course, but it does fill me up…

I keep all my fiction in our master bedroom in our Armoire. I find that reading fiction after about four o’clock in the afternoon and in the evening before bed is a good way to wind down the day. Who are some of your favorite fiction authors? Share with us in the comments.


Scrapbook (or Art Journal or Bible Journal)-Scrapbooking has been a solace for my soul over the years. Mr. Van, the builder, has arranged for me to have a Scrapbooking Room in the basement complete with Ikea shelving which is amazing!

This first picture shows part of our life in Chronological Order. As you get to know me you will learn more about how I love to read the Bible in the order it happened, fiction series in their historical order, and I like to record our life as it has happened as well. I am behind in our “every day life” record (as most scrapbookers are) but Mr. Van always says, “Are you having fun? If you’re not, you may as well stop.” You can see the completed albums on the shelf below.


Several years ago I decided to also try to scrapbook our family history. Oh, my, the pictures; the birth, school and war record certificates; and all other sorts of delightful information surfaced. I have loved doing this and so far have created from the 1600’s (with the help of family members who had done a lot of research) up until the year I was born. I hope, over these next few months to continue this project. In our extended families, both Mr. Van and I are the oldest children, and so far we have also been the first to become parents and grandparents. Do you scrapbook or art journal? Share with us.


Watch movies-There are two master copies so far of our Family History, and I have hand-written fourteen copies for our family to this point.

These extend from the 1600’s to the early 1950’s. One thing I do while I copy books is watch movies. Mr. Van bought me a unit from Ikea for the Scrapbook Room to accommodate that as well.


Crochet-I also crochet afghans for babies (especially our grandbabies) and for family and friends when I watch TV or movies.

For some reason, I have always found it difficult to just sit and watch television and so I feel like I am still productive when I do two things at once.


Cross-Stitch/Crewel/Embroider-I also learned to embroider as a young girl and have done several projects over the years.

However, as I become an older woman, my eyes do not always cooperate in this craft. That can make me sad…


I hope you have enjoyed the gallery, and that is stimulates you to muse about what you might enjoy doing to refresh your heart and soul. Start today, my friends… Happy Wednesday.

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