Birthday Joy 1

There are two highlights for me in the months of July and August.

The first of those occurs on July 11th. I recently celebrated, on that date, fifty-six years of belonging to God’s family.

I was seven years old. Our church was hosting a Daily Vacation Bible School and we had talked a lot about what it means to understand Who God is, and Who Jesus is.

On a night near the beginning of that week, I had listened as my younger sister and brother discussed with my Mom about what it would mean to believe in God and to become a follower of Jesus. As I listened, I began to really think deeply about my own life and where I might spend eternity if I died. My siblings both prayed that night to tell God that they believed in Jesus, God’s Son.

A few nights later, I asked my Mom if she would help me to also become God’s child, mostly, at that point, because I didn’t want to go to eternal death if I died.


I wanted to share this celebration with you as I believe that the decision to believe God is the most important decision you can make in your life.


I came to the realization that I was a sinner, that I did wrong things in my life. I knew that I disobeyed my parents, and sometimes I told lies. I picked fights with my siblings. I mistreated my friends. I had begun to realize that week that I was not living God’s way according to what His words in the Bible told me.

I also began to understand that God loved me so much, but that if I did not choose to live His way, then I could not experience eternal life in heaven with Him. This was where Jesus entered into God’s plan for me, and for anyone else who believed in Him.

Remember when David wrote Psalm 16:1,2 and he cried out his own belief to God.

Psalm 16:1, 2, Preserve me, O God, for in you I take refuge. I say to the LORD, “You are my Lord; I have no good thing apart from you.”

God sent Jesus to earth to be my Deliverer from eternal death and to be my Portion in eternal life.

I chose to believe that Jesus’ choice to die on the cross two thousand years ago was because He also loved me and wanted me to spend eternity in heaven. He died for my sin, and your sin, and the sin of everyone who had ever lived and would ever live.

BUT—each of us has to personally agree with God that we cannot enter heaven unless we confess that He is our Lord, and that apart from Him we have no good thing, including eternal life.


Jesus offers us different kinds of JOY as we choose to believe in Him.


Have you told God that you believe that Jesus is your Deliverer who rescued you from eternal death and who is your Portion in eternal life?

Romans 10-8-10


• I am so thankful for the JOY of my Salvation—eternal life which I started living at the age of seven and have continued to live for these fifty-six years. That life has been lived only by God’s grace (His undeserved kindness) to me.

• God is working world-wide and I have a deep desire to be part of what He is doing. I have discovered, through the years, that I enjoy helping others discover what it means to be a disciple or follower of Jesus. This has become my sweet spot, first with children and now with women.

I have been spent some time this week sorting through photos that were connected to Kid Junction, the ministry for children that I had the privilege of leading. As I sorted and reminisced, I was moved to tears a few times as I saw photos of those littles who were in Preschool and in Gradeschool over those years. Many of them are now in university, or have married and have children of their own. Some of them are leading the ministry to kids in our church today…

God encouraged me to cry my tears, to resolve once again to choose to move on, and to believe (again) that He has led me all my life and that He will continue to do so until I walk into heaven to be with Him forever.

He has, also, in the past two years, given me the opportunity to serve on our Women’s Ministry Team in the position of Discipleship Coordinator. I am presently leading a Discipleship Ministry for women in our church, some of whom were also in Kids’ Ministry under my watch. We call this ministry, “Heart2Heart Discipleship, Becoming a Woman of Strength and Dignity.” I am going to share more about this in the next while, but it has been so uplifting to see women growing in their faith and in their desire to also be part of what God is doing as they discover more about their purpose in God’s kingdom.

• Tomorrow we are celebrating another family birthday and soon there will be a few more special occasions. More to come about that next week.

• The July Garden Season is drawing to a close. Fall tends to arrive beginning mid-August so we are treasuring the blooms right now.


• If the question of your belief or unbelief in God is one that you have not completely settled, please keep on listening to what God has to say to you. Be sure to ask someone you trust to help you understand more. Apart from God, we have “no good thing”.

• If the JOY of Salvation is one of the gifts that you have received from God, please share with us your story. I’d love to hear it…

• Next weekend is a long weekend in our part of the world—are you celebrating, camping, or just cooling it at home?

Thanks for walking with us…enjoy your weekend.


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