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One of the perks of Empty Nest is that one by one, as the children grow up and move out, parents again take over rooms in their house one by one. If you are a young Mom with Preschoolers or Gradeschoolers, this may seem like something that is a long way in the future, but it will happen someday… This brings both gladness and sadness, by the way.

When our youngest son decided to move out for the final time (there were some comings and goings, as is common to young adult life), I became the custodian of what I used to call my Scrapbooking Room, and now call my Personal Office.

The organizing required to combine my former Children’s Ministry Office contents, my Scrapbooking hobby supplies, and every other book and piece of paper I desire to own has been a challenge. It is a work in progress, and probably always will be.

Last week we talked about learning to know God deeply.

One of my desires, no matter my age or stage of life, has always been to have a quiet place away from the busyness of life at home where I can study God’s words to me, and to ponder life. This space is not always easy to create, but it is possible if you can convince your family how important it is to you. For me, it is sometimes…

My dining room table


My favorite chair in the living room


Or in a totally separate room, hence the Personal Office.


Anyone who has a personal or business home office knows what a challenge it is to not become distracted by the needs that always surround us in creating an atmosphere of love for healthy home life. When you withdraw to your personal space, you can, most of the time, block out those distractions for an appropriate period of time.

 (Of course, there are times when I can be too easily distracted by my Personal Office when I should be focusing on the inner workings of home life… It’s all about discipline, right?)

And the main thing isn’t where I sit to read God’s Words–He just wants me to spend time with Him.

So what do you need to spend time with God in order to get to know Him more deeply?

Quiet time.

Your Bible.

A journal or notebook to write down what God says to you as you are reading. This might be choosing to record a meaningful verse, or jotting down a sentence or two that will help you remember to focus on Him during the rest of the day.



This is the beginning to a life-long learning experience that will never end until we walk into heaven…

My Musings This Week:

  • Two of our youngest grandchildren celebrated birthdays this week. What joy they have brought to our family in the past six years. There is nothing like the innocence of a little child to change how you view the world. I am so thankful to God for the privilege of being their Grandma…
  • We are having a sleep-over with two of our littles this weekend. So fun to hear them play together and exercise their imaginations.
  • I am encouraged by some political events that God has allowed this week. I believe that we need to be in regular times of prayer for those who lead our community, our province, and our country. I thank God for answering some of those prayers recently.

Your Musings This Week:

  • Do you have a space in your home and life where you can draw away from the busyness and spend time with God? Look around your house and see if you could create a corner. Tell us about it…or post a photo in the comments section.
  • When you think about Who God is, what do you desire to understand more about Him? Take one step to help you begin to research that subject. Ask Him to show you what He wants you to learn.

Thanks for taking time to walk with us this week…enjoy your quiet times of pondering God’s Words to you.

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