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Mr. Van, my husband of almost forty-four years, is, and always has been, a hard worker. A residential framer and a Journeyman Carpenter, building and working with his hands is his gift of craftsmanship to the world, and to his family. One of the ways he has gifted me over and over is to build several homes for us…

We have lived in our current residence for almost ten years which is a record for us.

Eleven years is the longest we have ever lived in a house, and that was way back in the 1980’s. Our oldest son lived in that house for all his schooling years.

Then we began building and moving every two years, every four years and now it has been ten…

This was to be our Dream Home—a place to stay forever until we’re too old to care for it. So far we have stayed put, BUT you never know when that building desire will strike again….

However, I do have someone who comes in and gives our home tender-loving-care every two weeks, and I am so thankful…

One of the things that I have in this house that I haven’t had in several is a garden. We have a half-acre lot with room for lots of lawn, flower beds, garden boxes and a large deck at the back… We completed our final landscaping project last summer—yes, it took nine years to complete!

This summer, so far, we have been enjoying the fruit of our labor and will hopefully be installing a fire pit in the next few days. I plan to host a party to celebrate the yard completion.

One of the ways I “fill up” is by spending time just pondering as I work in my garden… 

We all need to develop interests and hobbies in something that helps to restore margin in our life, especially when time is required to back-off from our many responsibilities, or to restore order to chaos, or just to have some “me” time.

And maybe sometimes we need it for all three reasons…

I wanted to share a few photos of my garden and flowers with you this week. I hope they will bring you some joy, wherever you live, and whatever your weather might be. Enjoy!

IMG_1100IMG_0845IMG_6574IMG_1033IMG_1005IMG_1018IMG_0829How do you fill up when your margin runs out and your joy runs low?

Do you have a hobby or favorite pastime that you enjoy?

Share in the comments. We would love to hear from you.

Thanks for walking with us…Colleen

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