Why Mrs Vans Musings?


Anyone who knows me well would say that the meaning of the word “musing” would describe my personality accurately…

Merriam’s Webster Online Dictionary defines the word “musing” as thoughtfully abstracted, MEDITATIVE.

Other synonyms for “musing” include melancholy, contemplative, pensive, and reflective. The dictionary also includes absentminded but I’m not liking that one very much.

Antonyms given are featherbrained, flighty, flippant, frivolous, goofy, harebrained, light-headed, scatterbrained; brainless, mindless, silly, thoughtless, and unthinking. None of those words describe me ever—at least not in my opinion…

My husband would say that I sometimes overthink situations, but also that I often discern truth about those same scenarios.

I am definitely not the “life of the party” person, but I do enjoy other people’s kind humor.

I am definitely philosophical and analytical.

I also enjoy thinking deeply about God and His story…and how I fit into it.


God gave the Psalmist, David, in Psalm 19 in the Bible, some words to share that also pertain to musing as well.348

Psalm 19:14, Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O LORD, my rock and my redeemer.

I chose this verse to be my Life Verse when I was thirteen years old…

The words, “Be acceptable,” request in this song (psalm) that my “musings”, my words and my thoughts, be an act of worship before God, like a sacrifice.


What have I been musing about this week—what has been my act of worship and sacrifice?

*The Joys and Challenges of being the “sandwich generation”–

IMG_1592We just had dinner at our home with our youngest son and family, as well as the “other parents” who are visiting from Nova Scotia. Our newest grandbaby, not quite four weeks old, was here for the second time since birth. So tiny. So helpless. Yet he is thriving as he receives good care from his Daddy and Mama, and all of us who are closely connected.

Tomorrow my parents who are almost 85 and 82 are making a move into the Seniors’ Lodge in our hometown.IMG_0048

Watching them work through all the challenges of sorting through their belongings and giving up their home has been a happy and sad experience all at once. They are dealing with health issues that my Mom goes through on a regular basis and yet, to see their courage and spiritual strength as they attempt to live as normal a life as possible in the midst of those struggles is encouraging.


Sometimes it’s hard to know where I’m needed most, and yet it all works itself out:)

*Canada Day 150 weekend:) I feel privileged to live in a country where we still have freedom to live the life openly that God has called us to live. God keep our land, glorious and free…

*The rhythms of life as I contemplate doing the next right thing over and over every day, and choosing what counts for eternity.


So, as we contemplate entering into Joy and Intention in the Journey, please let me ask you…

Are the words of your mouth and the meditation of your heart an act of worship before God?

Will you begin or continue to “muse” about what God might be saying to you regarding your thoughts and words?

Will you share one way you plan to “muse” well in order to encourage the rest of us?

What a great place to begin a Journey to Joy and Intention…thanks for walking with us.

Love you, Colleen

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